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Your Partner In Lead Generation

Can’t grow your leads? Tired of time-wasters? Need to build a database of quality prospects? We understand lead generation is about capitalising on the right opportunities for your business, and we’re experts in delivering the framework for you to locate and maximise each one.

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Clean up with a targeted inbound lead generation agency

We are Soap Leads, a B2B and B2C lead generation agency. We’re a division of Soap Media – one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies – and a Premier Google partner, established for over 15 years. We’ve aided businesses to build powerful relationships that help them fulfil their goals, including the energy, finance, legal and healthcare sectors.

Real-time lead delivery to any CRM system

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Lead Generation Evolved

Soap Leads is leading the way in targeted Inbound Lead Generation, globally.

We’ve spent over 11 years developing and refining our Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) generation process for our clients. We’ve cleaned up for them and now you can benefit too.


What Makes Us Different?

We go beyond the norm to formulate a bespoke approach for you and your business’ needs. We utilise the latest AI technology for customer targeting, data enrichment and qualification to deliver the leads you need.

Our process includes:

Tailored partner onboarding process
Real-time delivery via Hotkey, Email, SMS or API
Highly qualified and 100% exclusive leads
All-in-one lead management and nurturing platform
Full GDPR and regulatory compliance
Automated response survey for enhanced fact-find
No retainers fees or contract tie-ins
Lead scoring and enrichment
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Calculate Your Lead Gen Goals

Every industry is different but you can use our lead price calculator to get an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Average Order Value
Conversion to Sale
* Remember, this is just a ballpark figure and will be subject to further research by our team.
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Price per lead*

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An Established Lead Generation Agency

With our skills, expertise and years of experience, we can scale the quantity and quality of your leads whilst saving you valuable time.

So What Makes Soap Leads Stand Out & Shine?

Developed Over 10 Years

We’ve spent years working side by side with clients, so we’ll work in partnership with you to maximise your investment in leads, leveraging the power of our proven proprietary software and account management process.

Over 20 Years of Experience

We are a culmination of over two decades of insight in building digital marketing strategies, user experiences and web technologies to maximise lead quality.

Spending Millions to Bring Results

We’ve harnessed the power of large-scale spending to refine our brands, lead funnels and closed-loop marketing campaigns. It has given us a unique methodology for delivering epic results.

Attracting Over 3 Million Users

Our in-house team of creatives, techies and digital marketing experts attract over 3 million users to our in-house brands.

Generating Over 400,000 Annual Leads

With our strong team of experts, our brands and sales funnels generate almost half a million leads each year.

Unique Solutions for Tailored Growth

We invest in our partnership with you by taking the time to understand your goals, customer personas and operational pain points. The outcome is a bespoke solution focused on your growth ambitions, not anyone else’s.

Our Mission is Your Success in Lead Generation

Want us to clean up?

Are our Lead Generation Services right for you?

Working with the right partners is as important to us as it is to you. The companies that best benefit from our unique approach are ones both serious about scaling their business, and finding a long-term partner to generate high-quality leads.

We can clean up for your business if you:

  • Are willing to invest time with us on your business goals and target persona so that we can generate your most highly desired results.
  • Have a robust sales operation with hungry, responsive sales experts to service your leads effectively.
  • Use automation to nurture our leads. Should the sales agent not convert on the call, we can help them deliver further down the line.