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By Jack
August 14, 2020
With lockdown easing, many brands are looking to reopen and resume business operations once again. But make no mistake, this…
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Your Questions. Answered.

An MQL is a lead that has engaged with your marketing team’s efforts, such as by reading a content asset or filling out a form for an offer on a landing page. They are interested but aren’t yet ready to be followed-up, such as by a sales call.

You can use these to measure your lead generation efforts to know how well they are working. This involves measuring a customer’s journey through the sales funnel to see, for instance, where they might lose interest.

There are many metrics that can be used to measure different stages of the lead generation process. Examples include, measuring the conversion of the enquiry through to the MQL, the MQL to the sales accepted lead (SAL), and the SAL to the sales qualified lead (SQL).

This is where you build a campaign around an element of your business as a way to generate leads. For example, a service or a business value, a product or its features. But when doing this, it’s important to focus on engagement and meeting your customers’ needs.