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Quality Over Quantity: Lead Generation That Saves You Time & Money

Author Markerle

July 28, 2020


Lead Generation

Lead generation is essential for all brands, as a way to ensure the sales pipeline is always topped-up with relevant prospects. With an emphasis on relevant, because you don’t want your sales team spending all of their time speaking with people who aren’t likely to convert. That’s why quality over quantity really matters with lead generation. It ultimately saves you time, energy, and resources. Get your lead generation right, and it’ll have a lasting, tangible impact on your bottom line.

Effective lead generation

Effective lead generation starts very early on in your pipeline. Ideally when making initial contact with a lead (or even beforehand). If you pre-qualify and educate your leads before they reach your sales team, you can better assess their suitability for your company (and vice versa, they can work out if your product is a good fit for them). Meaning only highly motivated MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) are pursued by your sales reps. This time-saving is vital because on average only 36.6% of your sales team’s time is actually spent selling to the right prospects. By doing more groundwork early on to filter and qualify your leads, your sales reps can spend the majority of their time converting them. 

Generally, 25% of leads are legitimate and will convert to a sale. At any one time, 73% of leads aren’t sales-ready and need to be moved along the sales funnel (and eventually, encouraged to buy). It’s vital to distinguish between the different groups and, with advances in technology and lead generation techniques, it’s now possible to target leads with tailored communications based on their group.

Why use a lead generation agency?

A lead generation agency can help you improve the quality of your leads. Given that 61% of marketers see generating leads as their biggest challenge, having a specialist on-hand can really boost your lead performance. Indeed, many in-house teams may wonder how to get leads in the first place – with an agency involved, your team won’t have to worry about generating effective leads. The heavy lifting is done by the agency, enabling your team to focus on converting as many leads as possible. 

Finding the right leads

Our lead generation experts can help your team understand your various buyer personas, to filter and assign scores to each lead. This places them at different stages in the qualifying process, allowing for a personalised approach with each individual. The approach for a B2B lead, for instance, would be different to a B2C one and would require separate content and messaging. Likewise, it’s vital to determine organisation size, budgets, industry and other characteristics if they will influence your prospect’s likelihood to buy your product. 

This approach will protect your brand and ensure you’re really providing value to your prospects. Typically, most people will avoid sales calls because they assume that you have nothing that will be useful to them. The goal of our lead generation campaigns is to convince them otherwise, making your sales reps’ jobs much easier. 

No cold calling

We believe that effective lead generation follows the same formula: attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting, and that’s exactly how we work. We don’t cold call, we don’t use incentive trickery, and we don’t fool people into giving away their contact information. This keeps your brand reputation intact, and also ensures our lead generation remains compliant with GDPR and similar data protection legislation. We guarantee that all leads are legally and professionally obtained, processed and used. 

Lead generation doesn’t exist in a bubble. Our wider digital marketing experience complements our lead generation activities, by continuously engaging with and moving prospects along the buying process. Through marketing automation and performance marketing techniques like email marketing, social media, PPC, SEO and content marketing. When a lead is ready to buy (as indicated by their lead score), they are then handed off to sales for immediate follow-up.

Our difference

We believe strongly in the effectiveness of our approach. Beginning with auditing and setting the objectives of your lead generation campaign, to set the foundations by understanding your ideal customers, your goals, and lead scoring criteria. We identify the key decision-makers within your target organisations, or the ideal buying personas for your product(s) or service(s). Then we locate those who match these traits as potential prospects.

Furthermore, we only provide 100% exclusive leads, we won’t sell their details to another client. So each lead your sales team reaches out to, won’t have received endless messages from other companies’ reps. You’ll only ever get high-quality leads because bad input produces bad output in lead generation. If your lead generation database is poor quality, it has lasting effects. You won’t be able to outreach effectively, your buyer personas will be skewed, your lead scoring will be inaccurate. You won’t be able to gather deep insights on your ideal customers. 

Time to connect

Real-time delivery is also important as it gives you the best possible opportunity to make a sale. Leads who receive a follow-up within 5 minutes are 9 times more likely to convert. Leads that are reached within an hour are nearly 7 times more likely to engage in a meaningful conversation with a brand.

For lead generation to work well, sales reps need enough time to contact and build relationships with each lead. Yet, 27% of sales reps spend more than an hour every day on manual data entry and admin work. Our online lead management software will help your marketing and sales teams to manage leads, reducing the time spent on administrative work, and giving more hours to selling and converting.

Building a lasting customer relationship

Customers are being bombarded with sales calls and messaging every day. To cut through the noise, you need to offer the right communication and content, at the right time, to the right people. Our lead generation focuses on this, filtering your leads and qualifying them, so they only reach your sales team when they are ready to buy. This makes a big difference to your lead generation. Resulting in higher conversion rates, more effective sales conversations, greater cost-efficiency, and lasting relationships with a growing customer base.

Speak to our lead generation experts today about your unique goals and challenges.

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Your Questions. Answered.

It involves a process of targeting, attracting and capturing potential leads that can be converted into customers. For example, inbound marketing techniques are used to attract a potential lead to content about your business services, where they’re encouraged to visit a landing page, designed to capture their information. By providing this information, a lead is created that can be followed up.

Leads can be generated via devices that potential customers often use and on platforms they frequent. We aim to generate leads from digital devices such as smartphone and PC, and on many platforms such as email, national news sites and social media channels.

There are many ways to generate leads. At Soap Leads, we use a variety of tried-and-tested methods. This includes creating inbound marketing strategies, PPC adverts and automated email workflows, and using LiveChat to respond to customers’ queries.

It’s crucial to follow-up a lead before it goes cold. At Soap Leads, we work hard to pass on generated leads as quickly as possible. Our lead scoring systems also ensure strongest leads are prioritised above others.

An MQL is a lead that has engaged with your marketing team’s efforts, such as by reading a content asset or filling out a form for an offer on a landing page. They are interested but aren’t yet ready to be followed-up, such as by a sales call.

You can use these to measure your lead generation efforts to know how well they are working. This involves measuring a customer’s journey through the sales funnel to see, for instance, where they might lose interest.

There are many metrics that can be used to measure different stages of the lead generation process. Examples include, measuring the conversion of the enquiry through to the MQL, the MQL to the sales accepted lead (SAL), and the SAL to the sales qualified lead (SQL).

This is where you build a campaign around an element of your business as a way to generate leads. For example, a service or a business value, a product or its features. But when doing this, it’s important to focus on engagement and meeting your customers’ needs.

This is about generating leads who are your most potential customers. To achieve this at Soap Leads, we use methods that target, engage and nurture those people, while filtering out the weaker, uninterested leads who are less likely to convert.

It’s difficult to go straight from creating a lead to customer conversion. This is where lead nurturing comes in. It’s focussed on developing relationships with your leads, building trust, and nurturing them so they successfully move through the sales funnel and convert.

AI technology is important because it helps a business generate more leads. It can do this in many ways, such as by streamlining processes, filtering out poor leads, and using marketing messages to target specific, potential customers.

These tools help you manage your leads as efficiently and effectively as possible. For instance, they allow a sales team to know which leads to follow up, prioritise, or ignore. They also help speed up and improve the process of reporting and monitoring your leads.

Yes, we do. There are often leads that show signs they are about to convert, so they need to be followed up immediately. At Soap Leads, we use real-time delivery methods, so warm leads can be passed on to your sales team and pursued right away.